I just read it about a month ago. It's a tedious book to get through; the payoff is towards the end when he gets into great detail about the production of the film. I was actually looking forward to the filler of the book but it was so incredibly detailed and un-focused that I almost dropped it halfway through. For… » 10/10/14 9:48am 10/10/14 9:48am

Visualizations like this are best when they get people to think about an issue in a new and different way. This map is not enlightening in any way (areas farther away from employment centers have longer commutes - duh!). No obvious trends or patterns. Nothing profound. It's just a map of some data. » 10/06/14 12:16pm 10/06/14 12:16pm

I'm a very active sleeper and although mummy bags are a constraint I don't think they're much worse than regular bedding at home. I will usually roll around within the bag, not as-one-with-the-bag. also, the mummy ensures that my feet to sneak out into the cold air - something that is ruinous to my sleep. » 10/06/14 8:38am 10/06/14 8:38am

I've probably had 6 sleeping pads in the past 25 years, half of which were inflatables. I like inflatables (currently use T-A-R ProLite) but sometimes you get one that leaks due to a MFG defect that you don't realize until after night #1 on a week-long trek. It's happened to me twice, and happened to my wife just… » 9/24/14 4:12pm 9/24/14 4:12pm